Who we are

Who we are

Vermilion is a travel agency and tour operator in Galapagos, we offer tours of excellence based on the tastes, requirements and preferences of the passenger, focusing our efforts and resources on providing the best service in order to make your stay unforgettable. The agency is made up of local people who know everything about Galapagos, this project started with the intention of giving the passenger the opportunity to know the island in the best possible way. Now we are known as an online agency so that tourists have greater access to us and Galapagos.


We are a company committed to offering a personalized service of quality and reliability, designing unique trips offering added value to our customers generating their total satisfaction thus achieving to exceed their expectations in order to contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of Galapagos and the place where that we are present.


Being the leading tourism company in Galapagos, being the first option in travel within the islands providing the best information, relationship, security, price and quality to our customers anticipating their needs, focusing our efforts on your satisfaction


Working since 2012 we have more than 5 years of experience in the tourism market in Galapagos, which is reflected in hundreds of satisfied customers for this reason we can guarantee our service.



We practice ethics in our actions and we give an account of what we do.


We form a community committed in solidarity to solve problems.


We manifest a genuine sensitivity to the needs of our stakeholders and work as a team to satisfy them.


We do more than what is expected of us, with passion and enthusiasm


We are open to the world, to new experiences


We generate value by searching for new and better solutions to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Team Member

We are a group committed to customer service. To give you an unforgettable experience

Lenin Barrera Lara

General Manager / Online Sales Manager

He puts his efforts into making your travel truly unforgettable

Ingrid Lara Leon

Chief Executive officer / Chief operating officer

She has already over 10 years of experience in tourism in Galapagos

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